Trade Journal

One of the most popular modules of the platform is the Trade Journal. All fixed trade types are tagged with hashtags such as #ironcondor and #bullspread, but traders can also add their own custom tags to every trade for easy sorting and reporting. Many lesser trade journals exist in the industry for more than the cost of the total platform.

Success Lies in Results

Industry-Leading Trade Journal

Successful traders analyze their results to find patterns in what works and what doesn't. Our Trade Journal module is one of the deepest in the industry for visually breaking down trades into clear reports.

Visual and Easy

Trade Analytics

Our analytics and reporting lets you sort your trades and track results based on trade type or however you want to sort the results.

Journaling Made Easy

The platform includes an industry-leading journal and reporting system that allows the user to tag all trades and sort them later. A powerful reporting tool, the journal is designed to show traders in various levels of statistical and visual detail where their strengths and weaknesses are.


Hashtags allow you to sort your trades by type and analyze the results so you can see which trade setups are the most profitable over time.


Set any account to auto-journal the trades. The platform will do this automatically. But, you can also add your own hashtags and notes.

Journal Trades on Charts

View a group of trades in the journal, and then see a visual representation of the trades on a chart to show you when the trade was in play.

Reports and Analytics

Pick a hashtag and get a breakdown of all of the trades that have that tag. Sort by type and then drill down into specific results for that trade type.