Easy Ways to Find Great Trades

The platform has several ways to find market opportunities. Everything from following Institutional trade activity, to custom screeners, to our exclusive Trade Finder Scans.

There’s always money to be made in the market. This makes it fast and easy.

Event-Based Opportunities


Earnings, Dividends, and Splits can be a great way to trade. We show you upcoming events, and we track how past events played out. See if a company missed or beat its earnings. Find upcoming splits and exdiv dates too. All in one easy to use calendar.

Find Stocks Your Way

Custom Screener

Most traders need actionable trading ideas to put their money to work. Our Advanced Stock Screener has hundreds of data points that can be used to find the right stock and options plays based on your desired criteria. With broad spectrum data-point covering chart activity, changes in instiutional holding, company key performance indicators, earnings quality, and even options activity you can sort though 20,000 stock to find exactly what you want. Even save your screener for 1 click results.

Trade Ideas Made Fast and Easy

Idea Generators

The Platform uses multiple data sources and intelligent calculations to find diverse ideas for the market. You can now find companies with algorithms based on fundamental data, institutional interest, earnings potentials and chart patterns – all within one scan. Divided in categories to make it easy to find ideas to fit any market condition or outlook.

Options Trades Made Easy

Options Trade Finder Scans

Take the idea to the next level with advanced strategy screeners. Is the market positioned for straddle or condor before Earnings? What are the covered call candidates and entry points? Strategy screeners take the guessing out of the trade.
This is the fastest way to find an options trade.